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The greatest story you've ever heard!

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Ben and Jessica Wells

Hey there! We are Ben and Jessica Wells, owners and creators of Sunny & Stoked! We won't bore you with a novel length bio, so here's the short and skinny of it! This passion project of ours launched in the Summer of 2020 and enjoyed over 2 successful years under the name Surf Monster. The vision behind the name and brand was to focus solely on our love of the ocean, the islands, and surf culture.

However, it dawned on us that not only are we in love with the beach life, we also are in love with the magic of the mountains, the serenity of the lake, and the peace of the snow. Essentially, everything that life has to offer and beyond! Thus, we decided to re-brand, expand, and offer products inspired by everything we love. Sunny & Stoked enters the chat. 

Our brand embodies what we represent and live by.
This if for the lifestyler, the trip taker, the animal lover, and the one who's always up for anything!

All of our product is 100% original and printed on top of line product. We cut zero corners and we won't sale what we won't wear ourselves!

*Proudly printed locally in the USA and shipped by your's truly!


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